Starting in 2006 at Marina de Cascais with the name of Café 5, Chef Diogo Simões, decided to take the necessary step to his culinary creativity and at Casa do Largo, right next to the Parish Church of Cascais, the step begins with the opening of the 5sentidos in Cascais.

In 2018 another important step comes almost as a recognition of its diversified cuisine, the 5entidos, Comporta in Grândola, is inaugurated, right by the beach, where the menu is combined with the environment.

Everything takes time to achieve, but it is in the great teams that success happens.

· Est. 2008 ·

We wish to arouse your senses to the fullest.


Awaken your senses…
…this is our moto. 

We hope that those who visit and attend our spaces have a multi-sensory experience, from the palate to fragrance, to the listening to live music, to the vision with the various exhibitions that we are having to decorate our spaces. We aim to give you the best of the five senses, the comfort and the pleasure of being in our restaurants.'s in the detail that we make a difference

Taste, Sympathy, Simplicity, Friendship …
We can come up with ideas, we can have a special touch, we can be well located, but without a dedicated team we could never achieve our goals of surprising and captivating our customers.


Some pictures about us